September 13th to 15th

We invite the Agile community to sow agile values and principles and, together, harvest the products of our culture. #AgileBR2017

How to take the best experience out of Agile Brazil?

Agile Brazil is a conference for participants with all levels of experience. You might be very experienced in a subject and novice in another. Learn how to take better advantage of that and choose between...

  • Novice

    Someone who is just getting started with Agile methods and is looking forward to build up his knowledge base on the theme.
  • Advanced Beginner

    People who have experienced agile methods in their projects and can see what works and what doesn’t in their own experience.
  • Competent

    Those who have enough experience to understand the contextual application of agile practices and are interested in getting to know other contexts.
  • Proficient

    Agilists who have a deeper understanding of the theme and base their decisions on their instincts developed by their experiences and in agile principles rather than on processes or known practices.
  • Experienced

    Agilists who have a deeper understanding of the theme, to the extent of leading or helping a team in adopting its practices.

And if you would like an extra help to find that tailor made special session, we still have tags

Become a Sponsor

Agile Brazil is the largest agile methods conference of Brazil.

This is a great opportunity of getting closer to the main professionals of the field and also with the most innovative companies of our industry. As a sponsor of Agile Brazil 2017, your company will be able to publicize its brand within a community of thousands of participants.

Join us building yet another great event this year!


Av. Dr. Freitas s/n Marco - Belém - Pará - Brazil Posta Code 66.613-902

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