November 7th to 9th

Get ready for a special edition! This year, with our Back To Basics theme, we invite the Agile community to spread Agile values and principles. Together, we will feel the benefits of an Agile culture.

Keynote Speakers

  • Juan Bernabó

    Juan Bernabó

    Keynote Speaker

    Nerd, entrepreneur, investor and specialist coach on Digital Disruption, creator of AgileBrasil and StartupBrasil communities.

  • Mariana Bravo e Gabriel Guerra

    Mariana Bravo e Gabriela Guerra

    Keynote Speaker

    Mariana Bravo is a consultant and software developer at Thoughtworks. Gabriela Guerra is Managing Director of ThoughtWorks Brazil.

  • Sandy Mamoli

    Sandy Mamoli

    Keynote Speaker

    Here’s a radical idea: trust people to know best and let them decide which team they should work in. Let them self-select!

  • Maria Paasivara

    Maria Paasivara

    WBMA Keynote Speaker

    Research Fellow on Aalto University School of Science, on Computer Science an Engineering Department.

  • Claudia Melo

    Claudia Melo

    WBMA Keynote Speaker

    Professor and researcher at FT/UNB, Councilor at Mulheres na Tecnologia, Apprentice, CTO.

  • Fábio Gozzo

    Fábio Gozzo

    Out-of-the-box Keynote Speaker

    The Prof.Fábio Gozzo is bachelor in Chemistry from Unicamp, where he also completed his post graduation in mass spectrometry area.

Registrations Open!

Meet our tracks

In 2016, Agile Brazil goes back to basics to discuss the deeper roots of agility and invites its participants to reflect on what they practice in their day-to-day.

Submitting a session will also be a exercise of going back to the roots of the movement! Take a look at the tracks that bring the values of the Agile Manifesto with an addition for trends:

Are you really Agile? Join us!

Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools
Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation
Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation
Responding to Change over Following a Plan
Innovation and the Future over Accepting the Status Quo

Session Types

  • Presentation

    Tradition also has its place.

    “Presentations” are sessions displaying subjects, ideas and/or experiences in a way that favours the understanding and the reception of the speaker’s knowledge. It is the classic format for conference sessions and it requires entertaining oratory while bringing value to the attendees. In this type of session, there are no restrictions regarding the amount of time the speaker should dedicate to answering questions. In any case, we recommend setting aside at least 5 minutes at the end of this type of session for that.
  • Hands On

    Because teaching also brings learning.

    “Hands On” sessions are workshops and tutorials with practical activities and high interaction from the attendees. Its main goal is that the attendants learn from practice, taking part in such activities. A workshop is an opportunity to learn from other attendees about a relevant topic, discussing new ideas that can expand a given technique and that can be shared with the community. Tutorials are instructor-led interactive classes designed to provide practical knowledge to the attendees in a way that they can use it right away on their work routine.
  • Are you sure of it?

    Provocative? Enjoy challenging the status quo?

    “Are you sure of it?” sessions aim to instigate community’s debate and reflection over a theme. The speaker may or may not provide answers, but above all he/she will present an innovative or disruptive perspective on the status quo. These sessions are dynamic and consist of a 20 minutes presentation, followed by audience participation – either through questions to the speaker, or exposing others points of view – fostering a great forum for knowledge generation. This type of session is designed for people who believe that only the right questions get answers that can make a difference.
  • Be creative!

    Innovative session formats are also welcome!

    The other submission types don’t seem to fit with the mechanics you would like to use to present your content? That is exactly the idea of the “Be creative!” session type. Your only restrictions here are a room and a timebox. How you will use them to reach your goal is entirely up to you – or, in this case, up to your imagination 🙂 (In case of changing the room setup, the previous layout must be restored still within your 50 minutes timebox).
  • Duel

    #‎AgileBR‬ provides the arena - and you bring up a good battle.

    “Duels” are thought provoking sessions that will promote discussions and have great potential to bring new insights, even to the most experienced agilists. It consists of a single submission where 2 speakers defend opposite views of a subject for 15 minutes each, followed by 20 minutes of discussion with the audience.

How to take the best experience out of Agile Brazil?

Agile Brazil is a conference for participants with all levels of experience. You might be very experienced in a subject and novice in another. Learn how to take better advantage of that and choose between...

  • Novice

    Someone who is just getting started with Agile methods and is looking forward to build up his knowledge base on the theme.
  • Advanced Beginner

    People who have experienced agile methods in their projects and can see what works and what doesn’t in their own experience.
  • Competent

    Those who have enough experience to understand the contextual application of agile practices and are interested in getting to know other contexts.
  • Proficient

    Agilists who have a deeper understanding of the theme and base their decisions on their instincts developed by their experiences and in agile principles rather than on processes or known practices.
  • Experienced

    Agilists who have a deeper understanding of the theme, to the extent of leading or helping a team in adopting its practices.

And if you would like an extra help to find that tailor made special session, we still have tags

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Agile Brazil is the largest agile methods conference of Brazil.

This is a great opportunity of getting closer to the main professionals of the field and also with the most innovative companies of our industry. As a sponsor of Agile Brazil 2016, your company will be able to publicize its brand within a community of thousands of participants.

Join us building yet another great event this year!

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