An event made by the agile community

Agile Brazil is the official conference of Agile Alliance Brazil, becoming the largest conference of agile methods in the South Hemisphere.

This is a non-profit conference made by a team of experts from Brazilian community in agile methods that share the aim to encourage and spread Agile culture all over Brazil. Jardim Botanico

The Agile Brazil 2016

The Agile Brazil 2015 will be held in Curitiba, Paraná. Each edition of the event brought together about one thousand participants of the Brazilian technology landscape and several renowned speakers from national and international scope.

Agile methods are increasingly being adopted by private and public companies. Agencies and government of some countries, such as Brazil, the United States and England, reporting initiatives agility.

PUC-PR Co-organization

This year the PUC-PR is co-organizing the event with the Brazilian Agile community. PUC PR


  • Juliano Ribeiro
    Juliano Ribeiro
  • Rafaela M. Fontana
    Rafaela M. Fontana
    WBMA & Local Committee
  • Caio Cestari
    Caio Cestari
    Disclosure & Program
  • Daniel Carrara
    Daniel Carrara
  • Fábio Figueiredo
    Fábio Figueiredo
  • Celso Martins
    Celso Martins
  • vh
    Victor Hugo Germano
  • Ceci Fernandes
    Ceci Fernandes
  • Érica B. Graciano
    Érica Briones
  • Guilherme Motta
    Guilherme Motta
  • Mariana Graf
    Mariana Graf
  • Gabriel Vieira
    Gabriel Vieira
  • Rafael Caceres
    Rafael Caceres
    Site & Design

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