Reedy Feggins

Reedy Feggins

Reedy Feggins

Reedy Feggins works for IBM and has over 20 years of experience in different areas of software development as software architect, developer, business analyst, customer support and project manager.
Holds certifications both as Scrum Master and Project Management Professional (PMP), having spent the past five years in Agile projects in large organizations.

His agile journey began in 1997 with a small business within the AT&T, called AT&T PersonalLink, and since then never stopped; has coached teams in agile methods, including RAD, XP, Scrum, and RUP Lean / Kanban.

The title of his talk is Scaling Agile – Lessons from the Trenches


    Agile is a highly collaborative approach to software development that focuses on producing high quality “working code” that is potentially shippable at regular intervals. While many aspects of agile are new and innovative, agile practices are derived from many other successful methodologies such as traditional SDLC, iterative development and lean.

    Over the last 5 years adopting practices such as Scrum or XP for small collocated projects has become fairly straightforward but we have found that most teams run into problems as their projects move away from an ideal agile team (e.g., 7 +/- 2 people, co-located team, cross-functional skills, self motivated resources all sharing the same vision and drive to deliver potentially shippable code).

    Scaling agile to support larger more complex projects and problems often requires strategies that address both the team’s and the organization’s challenges and perceptions with regards to agile practices.

    This session focuses on some of the key agile practices that must be scaled to overcome these challenges. The session uses a number case studies illustrating approaches for adopting more disciplined agile practices. In addition we will also cover 2 or 3 specific agile practices that must be scaled.