The biggest agile event now
in São Paulo
3 – 7 September

2012 videos and photos

Videos and photos during AgileBrazil 2012.

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3rd Brazilian Workshop on Agile Methods, academic event with brazilian researchers and professionals plus keynote international on Sunday 4th September 5.
Talks are now available for download.
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Executive Summit

Agile development discussed by executives who deliver and those who buy projects, plus two international speakers on Thursday 5th September 6th. Open to all registered in the Agile Brazil.
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People you will see:
Guilherme Silveira, Manoel Pimentel, Joca Torres, André Faria, Luiz Parzianello, Daniel Cukier, Aaron Erickson, Mauricio Aniche, Rodrigo de Toledo, Ceci Fernandes, Alex Freire, Sunil Mundra, Paulo Silveira and others