Agile Brazil 2011 - End of June, 2011 in Fortaleza - CE

Prepare your trip

Agile Brazil 2011 is closing up and you can already start preparing your trip. Come improve your knowledge and enjoy Fortaleza, a city with very nice and welcoming people, an intense cultural life and an amazing coast with great weather all year.


The capital city of the state of Ceará is an important industrial and commercial center of the country, besides being one of the most popular touristic destinations in Brazil. With a population of 2.5 million inhabitants, it is the fifth largest city in the country. Fortaleza has a large and diverse network of hotels, excellent restaurants, universities, shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, nightclubs and concert halls. With average anual temperature of 27ºC (80ºF), the city has numerous attractions and a broad cultural agenda. Known for its great humorists, Fortaleza is much more than the national capital of laughter. Nice, welcoming and helpful people, beautiful and extensive coastline, warm climate, exciting nightlife, rich and varied cuisine. Besides the crafts, language and habits of people from Ceará. It is a city to be felt. Not only see but hear, smell, touch and taste the earth of Iracema. Your experience will be unforgettable.


Conference Venue

Agile Brazil 2011 will take place at Fábrica de Negócios which is co-located with the Hotel Praia Centro next to Iracema's Beach.


In order to help you plan your trip, Agile Brazil has collected some average transportation prices in Fortaleza. Please notice that the amounts below can change until the date of the event:

  • Transfer between the airport and Iracema's Beach or Meireles neightborhood in an exclusive veicule: R$ 80,00 during the day and R$ 120,00 during the night.
  • Average cab ride price between Iracema's Beach or Meireles neightborhood: R$ 30,00 during the day and R$ 50,00 during the night.
  • Collective transport ticket fare (bus or minibus): R$ 2,00.
  • Parking spots next to Fábrica de Negócios: R$ 10,00 (daily) e R$ 6,00 (for 5 hours).

Travel agency

Casablanca Turismo is the official travel agency for Agile Brazil. The agency can take care of all details for your trip including air tickets, hosting, local transportation and tours with discounted prices. For more details, please contact:
Representative responsible for the event: Camila Fernandes
Phone: (55) (85) 4002-3566
Email contact:


Agile Brazil has arranged for some deals with a few hotels during the conference's days. To have access to special prices, just inform during your reservation process that you will attend Agile Brazil 2011 at Fábrica de Negócios.

Hotel Praia Centro

Hotel Praia Centro is located at Av. Monsenhor Tabosa, 740 in the Iracema's Beach neightborhood. It the hotel co-located with Fábrica de Negócios where the conference will be held.

Single roomDouble roomTriple room
PriceR$ 167,00R$ 185,00R$ 230,00

Phone: (85) 3083-1112

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is located at Av. Historiador Raimundo Girão, 800 in the Iracema's Beach neightborhood. It is around 300 meters (~ 328 yards) from the conference venue.

Single roomDouble room
PriceR$ 178,00R$ 203,00

Phone: (85) 3455-5260

Blue Tree

Blue Tree is located at Rua Dr. Atualpa Barbosa de Lima, 500 in the Iracema's Beach neightborhood. It is around 100 meters (~ 109 yards) from the conference venue.

Single roomDouble room
PriceR$ 174,00R$ 198,00

Phone: (85) 4008-4008

Pousada Aconxego

Pousada Aconxego is located at Rua Xavier de Castro, 50 in the Iracema's Beach neightborhood. It is around 400 meters (~ 437 yards) from the conference venue.

Single roomDouble room
PriceR$ 74,00R$ 92,00

Phone: (85) 3219-1007