Agile Brazil

National organization committee

  • Dairton Bassi (Neurobox - SP)
  • Daniel Wildt (Trevisan Tecnologia - RS)
  • Danilo Sato (ThoughtWorks - UK)
  • Giovanni Bassi (Independent consultant - SP)
  • Hugo Corbucci (Agilbits - SP)
  • Luiz Parzianello (Surya - RS)
  • Manoel Pimentel (Visão Ágil - DF)
  • Mariana Bravo (Agilbits - SP)
  • Paulo Caroli (ThoughtWorks - Brazil)
  • Rafael Prikladnicki (PUCRS) - Event Chair
  • Renato Willi (SEA Tecnologia - DF)
  • Rodrigo de Toledo (Petrobrás - RJ)
  • Samuel Crescêncio (OnCast - SC)
  • Teresa Maciel (UFRPE - PE)


  • Guilherme Chapiewski (Yahoo - SP)
  • Francisco Trindade (ThoughtWorks - UK)
  • Victor Hugo Germano (SC)
  • Jenny Wong (ThoughtWorks - UK)

Local organization committee

  • Bernardo Copstein (PUCRS)
  • Daniel Callegari (PUCRS)
  • Julio Machado (PUCRS)
  • Michael Mora (PUCRS)
  • Rafael Prikladnicki (PUCRS)
  • Tiago Silva da Silva (PUCRS)

Review committee

  • Adolfo Sousa (Locaweb - SP)
  • André Faria Gomes (Bluesoft - SP)
  • Carlos Villela (Thoughtworks - Brazil)
  • Cecilia Fernandes (Caelum - SP)
  • Dairton Bassi (Neurobox - SP)
  • Danilo Sato (Thoughtworks - UK)
  • Eduardo Meira Peres (DBServer - RS)
  • Francisco Trindade (Thoughtworks - UK)
  • Giovanni Bassi (Independent consultant - SP)
  • Guiherme Cirne ( - RJ)
  • Guilherme Silveira (Caelum - SP)
  • Heitor Roriz Filho (AdaptWorks - SP)
  • Hugo Corbucci (Agilbits - SP)
  • Ivan Sanchez (Signature Technologies - UK)
  • Lucas Souza (Caelum - SP)
  • Luiz Faias Jr (Bluesoft - SP)
  • Luiz Claudio Parzianello (Surya - RS)
  • Manoel Pimentel Medeiros (Visão Ágil - DF)
  • Marcos Tapajós (ImproveIt - RJ)
  • Mariana Bravo (Agilbits - SP)
  • Paulo Caroli (Thoughtworks - Brazil)
  • Phillip Calçado (Thoughtworks - Australia)
  • Rafael Prilkladnicki (PUC - RS)
  • Ricardo Almeida (GoNow - SP)
  • Vinicius Manhaes Teles (ImproveIt - RJ)

Workshop Brasileiro de Métodos Ágeis (WBMA) - Agile Methods Brazilian Workshop

Program committee:

  • Alexandre Vasconcelos (UFPE)
  • Alfredo Goldman (IME - USP) - Coordinator
  • Ana Cristina Rouiller (UFRPE)
  • Cleidson de Souza (UFPA)
  • Clovis Torres Fernandes (ITA)
  • Cristine Martins Gomes de Gusmão (UFPE)
  • Fabio Kon (IME - USP)
  • Frank Maurer (University of Calgary)
  • Jutta Eckstein (IT Communication)
  • Márcio Delamaro (ICMC - USP)
  • Marcos Chaim (EACH - USP)
  • Maria Istela Cagnin (UFMS)
  • Raul Sidnei Wazlawick (UFSC)
  • Rafael Prikladnicki (PUC-RS)
  • Rodolfo Sergio Ferreira de Resende (UFMG)
  • Sérgio Castelo Branco Soares (UFPE)
  • Tore Dyba (Sintef)
  • Valter Vieira de Camargo (UFSCar)


Science and Technology Ministry
  • AgilCoop


    The AgilCoop group is an Agile Software Development Cooperative composed by graduate students, former students and professors of the IME/USP. Its main objective is to promote the adoption and use of agile methodologies, like Extreme Programming (XP), for brazilian public and private institutions and companies. AgilCoop members have many years of experience in the practical use of agile methodologies, from different projects both into the university and the business world.



    To promote the quality and competitivity of software companies in Rio Grande do Sul through dissemination of values, principles and practices from the wide variety of existing Agile Methods, focusing on organizing technical discutions and stimulating collaboration among participants of the group.

  • SBC


    The Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) was established in July 1978. SBC is a leading resource for researchers, students and computing professionals working in the various fields of Computer Science and Information Technology, and for discussing the impact of computers in education and industry. Its role has been essential for establishing a genuine Brazilian knowledge and technology open to interchange with institutions all over the world.


  • PUC-RS



  • Facin

    Faculdade de Informática da PUC-RS