About the event

The Brazilian Conference on Agile Methods – Agile Brazil 2010 – is a non-profit national conference organized by representatives of the main Brazilian Agile communities. The event's goal is to promote communication and collaboration among its attendees aiming to disseminate the Agile culture throughout the country.

Agile Brazil 2010 was held in the main campus of PUCRS, in Porto Alegre, from June 2010 22nd to 25th. It featured courses, work presentations and experience reports from around Brazil.

Follow the latest news of the event through twitter @agilebrazil or follow the #agilebrazil tag to obtain more information and comment on the event.

Latest news

16/08/2010: All the materials available from speakers can be found in the program page.

06/07/2010: InfoQ Brazil started publishing interviews from the event.

26/06/2010: The conference is over. Check twitter with the hashtag #agilebrazil to see what people said about it.

12/06/2010: Full program released. Including session details and WBMA program.